New Zealand

I’m obviously not much good at this blog stuff – almost 6 months since my last blog and much has happened.

Moved to Wellington NZ ! This was not expected. KJ got a job here. Wellington is windy and cold – nothing like Bali. I do miss the beauty of Bali – but also wonder if we would ever really made it our home. Wellington is quite stunning, but it is tough moving to a new place and trying to make friends and find things to do that are meaningful. There’s only so much volunteer work one can do. Still, we are committed here for at least 3 years – so we will make the most of it.

Another grandchild ! Tody – a grand-daughter – born yesterday to Josh and Maddie. Josh is 39 – I had 4 kids when I was 39 – the youngest 4. I had my 39th birthday in Wisconsin – we had just arrived there. What an interesting time that was in the USA, and life- changing. I’ve always been sceptical of people who say they don’t want to have kids because the world is a bad place to bring them up. But the world is surely in a mess right now. Trump in America and likely to win another election – how much more damage can he do. Boris in UK and likely to win – election tomorrow. Scomo in Australia – what a clown – and a dangerous one. And the world’s climate changing in a bad way at a rapid pace. Hopefully, the next generation can do something about it – because surely the current one has failed.

On the prostate front – PSA remains at zero. Not much else happening. Got a close friend dying of cancer right now. It’s been so quick and we will surely miss him – the type of guy you want to spend time with.

Xmas will be spent here in NZ. I will miss not being with at least one of my kids – Xmas is not the same without them. But Xmas will be followed by Lach and Katie’s wedding – so that will be a great catchup – with some people I haven’t seen for 10 years. What a blast.

I hope 2020 is great for everyone ! XX

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