The locals are feeling the cold today – it’s 22 degrees Celsius! Beautiful Ubud.

Wearing man-pads is no fun – though the women don’t give us much sympathy. I’m expecting the incontinence to be over by 2 months – is that reasonable? I know some people take much longer. I have good and bad days.  Some days I don’t need a pad til 5pm; others I leak all day. Nights can also be good or bad, though I try to go pad free at night. I’m doing my pelvic floor exercises 3-5 times per day: rapid fire, tight and hold. About to start adding the plank, curl-ups and squats. Also started yoga again yesterday – needed the pad. What else can one do to speed up the recovery process?

First Blog – My post-prostate surgery recovery begins

I live in Bali – in Ubud – its beautiful and interesting. That didn’t stop me getting prostate cancer. A small but aggressive (Gleason 9) cancer that had to be removed and was removed exactly one month ago in Perth. Now I’m back in Ubud and suffering the 2 main side-effects – incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Ubud is the home of all sorts of alternative (some wacko) treatments.  I’m skeptical about most of them.  But as well as the better known treatments (drugs, pumps, needles) I’m pretty much prepared to try anything – I’m certainly in the right place for it.  This blog is to let you know what works for me (and what doesn’t work); and to get feedback and ideas from other people on the prostate recovery journey.